Rails Js Project

My Rails w/JS Project

This project was by far the hardest one yet! It took far longer than I had initially expected it to take but that was partly due to life happening and lots of changes over the last year.

I was on track to finish the Flatiron Full-Stack program in 6 months, however after landing a new job, relocating across the country, and welcoming a new child into our lives I am happy I was able to get back into it and finish it up.

This app is an extension of my previous Rails app but with a JSON/JS flavor as per the project requirements. The hardest part was getting the AJAX “POST” submitting to the DB and posting to the dom without a page refresh. I was having trouble updating the DOM with the newly created object without a refresh. I made this take more difficult by wanting to add a new object via a modal pop-up but in the end I’m happy with the result.

Feel free to have a look at the repo here

Written on March 25, 2019